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i love you guys❤


I love you too 💓

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Have had your first kiss yet?


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Age? Height? Birthday? Where were you born? What hospital?

14, 5'2, 1-5, Las Vegas, idk

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tell someone u love them on here

@briannaawrayy I love you 💓

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Who's hugs do you like?

@ B

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Last thing u screenshot?

Man and Women crush?

Bruno Mars MCE

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bro i love how lindsay says she's loyal and a good friend but she's talks shit abt every single one of her friends


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Something you like about the person u say is cute?


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Someone you hugged more than once today?


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Would you make out with your girl best friend for 1 mil?

whoever likes this wants a paragraph saying why you're friends w them, or just a nice paragraph, your choice

if your friends were hungry, would you buy them food?


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Someone u hugged today? How was it? Who do u hug on the daily basis?

Giancarlo 😂

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Today is Thursday who is your hottest/ cutest person u know?

@briannaawrayy 😉😉❤️

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pap of last thing u screenshotted

Best and worst part of your day?

Best: Watching the Bee movie in Ms.Mcmullan's room
Worst:nothing yet

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Someone that is cute/hot?

Bruno mars

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@briannaawrayy and the rest in the photo ❤️

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Someone on the opposite gender you think is really cool and cute and nice to have around

They know

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Asking someone to dance?


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Arianna and Giancarlo😍

Do you think Vaughn is attractive?