What combo of two foods is absolutely nasty, what food combo is great? brella

Nasty: Probably any kind of really soft bread and soup. (Hard bread and soup though is A+)

Great: Asian pear and balsamic vinegar.

What is the coolest place you've ever been to? smeen

Seattle, hands down.

How many teeth do you have?

all of them.

Do you wear glasses? If so, how long have you been wearing glasses?

Yes, but I wear contacts most of the time nowadays. And, I've been wearing them since I was like 6. (The glasses, I mean)

What is word that you always seem to spell wrong?

seperate...I mean separate.

Your characters/utau/whoever have to go on some kind of month-long road trip together for reasons. How does that pan out?

I'd be surprised if nobody ended up dead.

Name a song that makes you think about life


what is your fave kind of shoe brella

I love ballet flats but they do not love my high arches.

I've always been a huge fan of sneakers, too.

What's the last movie you watched and honestly enjoyed? smeen

I really liked Safety Is Not Guaranteed.

what are you looking forward to as of late brella

Summer vacation wooooooooooooooooo

any old/dead trends (in fashion/music/etc) you'd like to be revived? brella

Fashion wise, probably those oversized, brightly colored windbreakers. Also, the dark-colored (dark red/brown) lipstick that was popular in the 90's.

What restaurant/store you'd like to have open near your home? brella

I'd like a vintage clothing store that's close by; there actually is one within walking distance, but it's only carries men's clothing. The closest one that's primarily a women's store is like an hour away.

how messy/neat is your handwriting (what comments if any have ppl made on your handwriting) brella

It depends. If other people need to see my handwriting, I try to make it fairly neat, but if I'm just taking notes, then all bets are off.

What is the feature you think is most important in a video game? smeen

Personally, I would say controls, because if controlling a character in a game is a crapshoot, it makes it less enjoyable (especially for action games and platformers)

are you good at massages (cause i need one on my brain right about now) brella

Not particularly (sorry bb)

What is love?

Do you have freckles anywhere?

I don't freckle, so nope.

Have you ever played DnD? smeen


What brand of shampoo do you use? smeen

I use different brands but my favorite is LUSH. They have this coconut one that makes my hair look and feel really nice.

Favorite emoticon/kaomoji?


Has an anime ever made you cry?

No, but a book has (I'm looking at you, The Kite Runner).

Is there a profession you picture your future spouse doing?

hmm, interesting question.

I've always imagined myself with either an artistic-type person or a technological geek, so maybe like a musician or artist, or a computer programmer/something of that sort.

Or, journalist, for some odd reason (maybe because I used to want to become one)

Do you tan, or burn?

Tan; very occasionally, I do burn, however.

Sausage or bacon?

I normally don't eat either very often, but I would say sausage, because there is nothing better on a summer day than a grilled bratwurst with mustard, relish, served alongside some cole slaw and a tall glass of lemonade.

Your move, bacon.

Talk about your guilty pleasures.

HGTV: Even though I complain about shows like House Hunters and Love It or List It I always end up turning it to that channel whenever there isn't anything else on or I need background noise. (Well, that, Food Network and sports I don't really like)

Bad movies: Alright, I admit it, this isn't so much of a guilty pleasure as I pretty much openly like terrible movies. One of my favorite pastimes whenever I get into watching a TV show is to look at the IMDB pages of my favorite actors on there and look for the worst movies they've been in; I've found some gems that way.

Mountain Monsters: It's basically these old guys looking for cryptids and it is one of the funniest shows on TV if you watch it right (With other people to make fun of it alongside you)


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