Ask @Glintofsilver:

are you even Janine or some ugly chick that wishes she looked that pretty? you aren't a man are you..?

LOOOOOOL what? I'm not sure whether this a compliment or not? :/

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Wait. I didn't write that part about the Constitution I think someone is jumping into our conversation randomly. Do you know who that is?

LOL no. I don't even know who you are xD (I'm guessing Timothy?)

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tell Morley or his offspring to hop a boat and sail to the U.S. then, mate. might learn to really fry chicken right!

Don't you guys have like popeye or something?

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Nah, just kidding. I'm American as can be. idk about our sheep. My cotton clothes come from China. How's your flock?

I live in London. There's no flock here mate.

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