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Do you like to wear a watch?

Watches are fun fashion accessories. Nobody needs them anymore because everybody has a cell phone but they're fun jewelry that even guys can wear.

Why does this generation want nothing to do with a relationship

Relationships are hard. They can be a lot of work. And when they fail they can be painful. If you haven't had great positive experiences, these negatives can overwhelm your desire to even try.

The guy I’m seeing didn’t wish me a merry Christmas but I heard from him the day after. What does this mean?

I can see why that would be disappointing, but Christmas can be a really busy day and perhaps he simply got caught up in the day. Unless this is a larger pattern I would forgive him.

Boyfriend is always looking at other girls and checking them out. Is that disrespectful? He told me all guys do it 😞

Yes. It is disrespectful. He's able to not do it. Lots of guys don't do it and lots of guys do it. The ones who do are often jerks.

What helps the most? Ignore the disappointment you feel and don't tell anyone? Or to talk to people and delve into the details of the experience.

Talking about your disappointment is better than ignoring it, but if you talk about it too much it can just keep hurting you. So talk about it and then let it go.

What causes jealousy?

Almost always jealousy is caused by insecurity. People who are really secure of themselves and their relationships tend to trust their partners more.

Do you think your childhood affects the way you love?

I'm sure it does. But I think you're early romantic relationships probably affect it more.

how can you communicate with someone that ignores you?

I don't think you can. And I think if someone ignores me that's a good sign that I shouldn't want to.

how to show a person you like that you like him

Casually touching him or standing near him or making obvious compliments are some ways to do that.

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