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Do you believe in young elementary children having cell phones?

If they are very locked down, sure. It's a way to contact or track them.

Can you be in a relationship without having sex ?

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Sure. There are lots of relationships like that. It probably should be discussed though because often one or the other partner will be interested in sex and will be unhappy.

If someone unblocks you on Facebook after a few years, do you think it’s because they miss you or they want to spy on you?

They could just be cleaning up. But probably they want to spy on you

Do you have a secret admirer who writes you romantic love letters and sends you gifts?

I never have. I think it would be wonderful.

Are you scared of RATS 🐀 ?

I had pet rats once. They were really nice creatures. Wild rats are dangerous and suck though

Can you be in love with 2 people at one time ?

Unfortunately that is possible. For some people it's easier than other people. I guess I'm naturally monogamous because it's never happened to me.

What would you do if someone won’t talk to you?

I would be sad for a bit, and then I would decide that it wasn't meant to be and leave them alone.

I stay to myself because I’ve been hurt so many times in my life.

That is true of a lot of people. It sucks to be hurt. But there is also a lot of joy and pleasure in life if you put yourself out there.

how can you get over something you regret doing that ended up hurting the person you live?

The best thing you can do is to try to make it right. Undo the damage you did. If you can't do that, sincerely apologize. Don't expect forgiveness, but be happy when it happens. If it turns out you've destroyed the relationship, don't dwell on it and to try to do other things with your life as best you can.


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