Ask @gmartin07:

Where you do not mind waiting?

In your arms.. :)
I don't quite understand what the question wants. Do you want to know where I don't mind waiting? Or would you like to know what would be the most ideal place for waiting in my honest opinion?
I hope it's the latter, because the former is just.. vague. At least, the latter has something you can visualise with an answer. Like most people, I imagine there's only a few situations that I would not want to wait in.
However, the most ideal situation would be where I am not in a schedule of any sort, so there's visually nothing making the wait a loss in potential, whose occurrences seldom present themselves to me in actuality. Given that the wait is worth the time.

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What ticks you off so hard, it'll literally leave you fuming?

First off, I dunno whether the question was formulated that way on purpose or not. If so, that's one hell of a way get someone to spill what peeves them immensely to the point of intense aggravation.
I guess it's safe to say that everything that is in relation to thoughtless, negative duplicity would give me a bad time. Feel free to confirm that.
(Sc: Pinterest)

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Gimana sih biar bisa rajin belajar?.-.

Kayaknya pertanyaan nya agak aneh deh... sampe sekarang kita nggak tau cara bikin orang lebih "rajin" secara objektif di aspek psikologi nya. Karena kita nggak punya model neurochemical binatang lain yang punya konsep "waktu" kayak kita, jadi gak ada bukti kalo aktivitas mereka bisa dianggap sebagai metode pengukuran untuk 'kerajinan'. Mungkin semut, tapi kita nggak bisa cari tau kalo dia punya konsep 'waktu' juga.
Gw rasa sih pertanyaan yang lebih real itu "gimana biar 'belajar' bisa jadi lebih worth it menurut lu?" Dan cuman lu yang tau jawaban nya, so.. good hunting :)

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