Ask @gmartin07:

I just saw a lot of cringy accounts that answer without using the contexts presented in the question. What's your take on that? Also thoughts on this fine day?

If it bothers you so much, why don't you just go and ask them yourself? In my opinion, they're just doing what they're supposed to be doing in this platform; Expressing how they feel about certain topics and what they think, etc etc. It needn't be right nor wrong.
As for thoughts... hmm.. never felt so emotionally burdened because of "something", instead of someone. A refreshing change in itself, I suppose. But nevertheless, a struggle.

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Do you have a guilty pleasure? What is it?

I do not grasp the true meaning of the question. Is it something like the dirty obsessions or wrong fetishes you have? Like for example, secretly enjoying other people's facial expression of misery and suffering? Or like getting excited upon seeing an innocent cat's death?
If that's the case, then, no. I do not have any guilty pleasures that's worth sharing.

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10 facts about chu mah joy? :D

さら mean kawaii x3
1. Gerry Martin's the name
2. Currently 16
3. Loves the colour red, black and green~
4. Loves Basketball as much as my big brother~
5. Doesn't mind being alone if that means getting peace and quiet
6. Backstabbers can just go to hell
7. Is an Otaku and is not ashamed to admit it
8. Though, is not a big fan of yaoi(don't search it)
9. Anyone can be my friend. If they want to owo
10. My real friends are my bros, they don't turn their back on me just because things look awfully stupid.
11. Bonus: I'm in a relationship with you xD

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