Ask @gmartin07:

Kamu benci gak sama kepribadian kamu yang introvert?

Benci sih nggak. Bingung iya. Kadang tuh lagi enak ngobrol sama doi, tiba2 ngerasa:
"ughh mager nih ngomong, pengen diem aja."
Lah tapi kan masih belom selesai ngobrol nya.
"Bodo. Capek.."
Abis itu gw ngejawabnya malah jadi agak maksa kan..
Akhirnya awkward deng. Bingung maunya apa.
Tapi sejauh ini bisa dipancing biar lebih extrovert sih (inget, bukan sifat introvert yang berkurang). Dicobain aja ngomong terus sama orang. As much as you're comfortable with doing every single day. Do it with people you're closest to first, kalo udah, dari situ coba yang nggak gitu dekat, dst.

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Would you rather put up with your little siblings' (if you have any) teenage angst or your gf (if you have one atm) on her period?

Hmm.. da gf. Maybe I'm a little bit biased though since I know how to settle her down when she gets all worked up. She gets a little bit feisty and unreasonable most of the time, but with a little jostle down here and some coaxing over there.. it's not that vilifying of an experience as some people would say.
Don't mistake me, though, I do care about my sis. it's just that, sometimes, I feel like I'm talking to her from outside an echo-chamber. Literally. You need to be a bit creative with your methods to get her to listen and stay on topic. I imagine for people who don't know her all that well, it can be mentally exhausting.

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Apa arti hidup kalian?

Belom... gitu ngerti sih. That's why. Uncover. Discover. Repeat.
Even when you think you find no purpose in your "mindless wandering-around", there must be some greater meaning to it. You might be thinking that's presumptuous of me, but in truth, there must be some autonomous force keeping you in such a stochastic, random state, so to speak.
Until you find your answer, keep uncovering truths.

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I just saw a lot of cringy accounts that answer without using the contexts presented in the question. What's your take on that? Also thoughts on this fine day?

If it bothers you so much, why don't you just go and ask them yourself? In my opinion, they're just doing what they're supposed to be doing in this platform; Expressing how they feel about certain topics and what they think, etc etc. It needn't be right nor wrong.
As for thoughts... hmm.. never felt so emotionally burdened because of "something", instead of someone. A refreshing change in itself, I suppose. But nevertheless, a struggle.

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