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What's the new First Class and Player Pool on the website all about?

GN First Class is the group of people that are helping the company the most. They get more benefits when it comes time to give back to our players. Aaron, Ryan and I are the First Class members because we contribute the most to the team.
GN Player Pool is for the people who do not manage or do physical work for the team (like how Ryan makes strings, for example). These players are solely sponsored yoyo players.

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Ryan, when will you be making more Rad Strings for the GN Yoyo Co store? I see there are Fat strings in stock, but I want Normal.

I'm working on restocking, but I've had a lot of work and family stuff going on.
As far as Normal strings go, when my family moved in December, I wrote down the measurements of my string setup wrong, so now I am basically starting over from scratch. The Fat strings are good, but the Normal strings still aren't as I like them yet. Hopefully I'll get that fixed soon! I appreciate all of you guys being patient!

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Will there be a way to get discounts on the first run of Phoenix yoyos? I don't have $120 to spend.

We have plans to release all of our a-grades for $120. After they have sold out, we will release a small wave of whatever available b-grades we have for around $80 (final pricing for these is still to be determined and will most likely have to do with how bad they turn out). This could be your chance to pick up a still decent Phoenix for $40+ off of the a-grade price.

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