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What is the WildFire? It looks really good.

That is going to be our second yoyo to release some time in early next year. The page on the website is for promotional purposes and so that people can follow the process. More information will be released on that later.
Have you seen the new art?
What is the WildFire It looks really good

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Will you be making Raw Phoenixes?

Not in the first run, sorry. However, if this first run is successful, we will be producing raw yoyos in the second run for sure. -Paul

Who did the artwork for the Phoenix and WildFire logos? It's really good.

My sister, Sarah. She is a wonderful young artist. -Paul

Are those bearings on your store any good?

Well, that's all about preference isn't it?
Personally, I really like the bearings. I have 8 of them in different yoyos and they all play great. -Paul

Will you have reduced prices on b-grade Phoenixes?

If you have any b-grades, we will definitely have them at a reduced price.

Aaron, when do you get your signature yoyo?

There's been some talk about it, but no designs or solid release dates.

Do you have pictures of production run Phoenixes yet?

We should have pre-anodized pics from our manufacturer soon.

If I write a review for the Phoenix, can I get one for free? I really want one, but I can't afford it.

No, sorry, we can't do that.

What's the new First Class and Player Pool on the website all about?

GN First Class is the group of people that are helping the company the most. They get more benefits when it comes time to give back to our players. Aaron, Ryan and I are the First Class members because we contribute the most to the team.
GN Player Pool is for the people who do not manage or do physical work for the team (like how Ryan makes strings, for example). These players are solely sponsored yoyo players.

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