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Do people love when they are abused physically emotionally or mentally

I feel like this is an obvious No, but the fact that you ask makes me question common knowledge.

I doubt Ann Ivy has a boyfriend. It seems like she is angry at all men because she does NOT have a boyfriend.

Ngl I could actually care less, but it'd probably kill me. This is like celebrity gossip about who dating who 😩

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Why would you leave someone on read

Don't know how to reply or don't wanna reply and not be in the mood to engage.

Can you tell if someone has an ugly hand?

No. Do you ever really pay attention to a magician's hands?

What does it mean when you crave something?

It means you want it so badly that your senses are acting up and you can practically taste it. 🤤 *Smoothie
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I’m really getting tired of this fucking game I’m tired of you trying to manipulate me and trying to confuse me I’m tired of you trying to think that you’re smart and pulling one over my head and then I don’t know who you are and what you are doing especially when you talk key words! Im goin 2hurt u

This app gets weird at night

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