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would you mind to translate this?

SORRY FOR THE LATE REPLY (especially if you already found someone to translate;;):
In the century of the #songsongcouple pictures that calls for #likes, another has been created. Oh my goddess #SongHyeGyo who has the overflowing loyalty as much as her beauty has came to the site of #SongJoongKi's fanmeeting in China! They personally uploaded a nice two-shot like this.🐇💕🐇 -Editor YJS
#CoupleoftheSun #thedramahasendedbutitdoesntfeellikeithas #desirablevisuals #desirableheightdifference #lookathismannerhand #oppasmell #thefinalbossguests #repost @kyo1122 #songsongcouple #instylekorea

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do you still have friends from when you started translating dramas? i bet a lot of people knows you from the streaming site

There have been quite a few who (thankfully) recognized my name which has been gongbyul. I started off as nonono btw x) LOL
Yea I still have some friends from when I translated School 2015.
It was the most popular at the time so that's where most of my friends now came from x)

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can you fully introduce yourself

Okay :)
[[Except for my name, age, and general education and area of where I live, my information is not out there haha]]
My name is YeEun, but people call me Yenny or Gongbyul. I haven't revealed my surname or the exact place I live in Korea except for the fact that I live in a province called Gyeonggi-do. It's a big province haha.
I'm a female Korean, and I translate dramas on Exitoostore TV.
I was born in 1998, and I'm currently 18 years old (internationally), but in Korea and since I live here, I'm 19.
I used to live in California for 9 years until I moved here, and after attending a Korean school for a little while, I transferred to an international school.
So far, I've translated 6 dramas. For one, I translated only a few episodes. I've also translated for one variety show for a little while, but not anymore.
I first started translating completely anonymously, and I didn't even have an official chatango account to translate at the site. I called myself "no", and people called me that for a while in the chat (LOL). However, once I started officially translating for School 2015: Who Are You, I decided to make an actual account and start translating for the new friends I met on there. I officially translated that drama, and after that, I started translating dramas upon request as long as it didn't interfere with my personal schedule. I also created a twitter account to continue to keep in contact with the new friends I made while translating (link in bio). I change the username/name of the account following the drama I'm into, and while it was for School 2015 last year, this time it is for Descendants of the Sun.
Is there anything else you'd like to know?

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why do koreans have two ages? i mean the international and the korean one?

They don't necessarily have 2 ages, but they just say both ages.
The international one is the one where you start counting a year after you're born, but the Korean one is the one where you count the year you're in the womb.
So for example, I was born in 1998, so my international age is 18 while my Korean one is 19.

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