I see homeschooled...are you in school now

Yes I’m doing school

Teacher mad you are on here too, hahah

I teach myself

guess that is a no, teacher doesn't care, haha

Yeah I don’t care lol

I forgot to come off anon on the last question...how long does it look like you will be doing school work

Depends on how fast I get it done

wow, so I see you are taking your time...hahaha...how hard is it

Not that hard, but harder than public school

how long have you been homeschooling

My whole life

oh wow...is it just a stereotype, that home schooled kids have a hard time making friends and being social.

For some people it’s true but it’s not for me it depends on if you put yourself out there or hide in your house

depends on the kid/person, it sounds like...looking at your insta, I was shocked you were homeschooled your whole life, but that is the stereotype, sorry for thinking that

You’re fine

can you give me a few examples and do you win them all

Not all of them, I’m the homecoming queen from where I live

nice, congrats. Do you have a pic from homecoming

When I won?

absolutely...or any homecoming pic

This is when I won

wow. you should post pics all the time. you look great in them all

Thank you, but I don’t

I know, but you should, you look amazing

Thank you