I looked at it and commented on a few pics...I will have to follow soon :)


you have great pics on there...congrats on the license

Thank you

no dream car or anything

I want a red four door truck

nice...hot girl in a truck...I would have guessed you for a 4 door Jeep Wrangler girl.

That works too

haha...I can see you with the top down and hair blowing around.

Most definitely

I am sorry, but hot girls always drive jeeps, that is why I thought you wanted a jeep

You’re fine, my car is a sports car

convertable, hair blowing

Not a convertible sadly

like a mustang or corvette, something like that

No it’s an old car it’s not a convertible

how long did it take you to finish school yesterday

I didn’t finish my brother was in my way

haha. so you have to do yesterdays and todays work, ugh