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-a guy who has abs
-a guy who has blue eyes
-a guy who's tall
-a guy who's athletic but not a complete jock
-a guy who sticks up for his gf
-a guy that's funny
-a guy that's smart
-a guy who gives his gf his sweatshirt to wear
-a guy who doesn't care what other people say about there relationship just that there together
-a guy who tells his gf she's beautiful
-a guy who texts his gf all the time no matter what
-a guy who rather apologize than argue
-a guy who isn't a jerk to girls just bcuz he's with his friends
-a guy with a nice smile
-a guy who's faithful
-a guy who's honest
-a guy who holds ur hand even in front of his friends
-a guy with respect
-a guy who rather cuddle than have sex
-a guy who's willing to watch chick flicks
-a guy who smells good *cough cough axe*
-a guy who understands you
-most of all a guy who loves his girl for her and only her not for her being somebody she's not

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