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When you see me and how cold I am now, how cold I've become, how heartless.. just know its because I had to rip my heart out to stop its longing for you.. never to have you.. Its somewhere down our dark and desolate broken road, I dare not turn around to walk it alone.. maybe one day we'll both look

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What are your favorite nighttime activities? (Late night drives, bonfires, walks, etc.)

Hmm walks, movies, cuddles, (if I’m in the mood) going out to the bar or a late night spot for dinner, drive in theaters, dog parks, but mostly staying home cooking dinner and watching Netflix together 🥰

If your car broke down and two black male's approached you offering to help what would you do?

terrancebailey37’s Profile PhotoTerrancebailey37
If any male approached me offering help and I was near other people and it was day outside I would accept help. I have mace on my keychain just in case but I would thank them for offering to help me. If I was by myself on a dark road at night and ANY guy approached me in any situation I would lock my doors and roll the window down barely and say no thank you. Just because I’m a woman and could easily be overpowered by any guy.

how are you

Not so great, just left an abusive relationship in which my abuser tried to crush my skull with over 250 pounds of pressure, had a concussion and brain bleed and broken nose. Not to mention the constant anxiety, nightmares and fear. Oh and my family and I are not speaking so I have no support system and am extremely alone. Thank you to those who have reached out to help, it means so much to me.

Is it possible to stay friends with a person you have loved before?

I don’t think so. Those feelings will always still be there

Do you love your family ?

Yes but they judge me and my lifestyle which makes having a relationship w them hard


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