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HOLA PUTA SO where do i start my bb
WELL U ARE MY BEST FRIEND and u know best friend is a very strong word so u better feel special BC u are one of the best people i met in my life. WHEN I FIRST spooked to u i thought eeehhh that bitch must be super gay and i was probably right BC SHES STILL A COPYCAt OK JK but Glad i found someone like u BC u are just like me and thats the important thing OK AND BTW U ARE PRETTY LIKE CAN I HAVE UR FACE THX . U ARE ALWAYS HERE BY MY SIDE !! U EVEN Were so nice to me when i was sick while i was rude to u when u were sick.... ehhhh OK but dont u dare to leave me one day bC even if i know u a few months u are not allowed to leave me BC IM COOL ASF and ik u cant live without me ((((((; OK this was probably short but i am lazy so go Suck squidward k bye AI LUV U
-ur world best best best best friend yael 💗💗💗💕💕💕

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