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5 bestfriends both from in school and out of school

Taylah Vallely
Ebony Michalopoulos
Jasmin Stroud
Jessica Smith
Amelia Campbell

Tbh- you seem like a nice person, and so does your crush ahaha, don't talk much and yeh :)

haha thanks i really want to know who it is :(

Effort shmeffort. I'm just a kid with a "crush". Don't waste time with me, I'll seem stalkiesh. For the record, someone told me your name, I looked it up and bam

you wont look stalkerish! i promise! aha inbox me you never know?

Well I like my privacy but if you shall know its: 0424242018.... Hahaha don't expect much though, I'm a pretty ugly kid hahaha

but now i have to go into work to fin out who you are and go through the whole roster? thats way too much effort! aha just inbox me please?


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