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Haha as I said; anonymous. I'll eventually build up enough courage to say hi..... It's a bit embarrassing though ;) haha

its not really, i wont judge aha at least tell me how old you are?

I want to remain anonymous. I don't really know you but I want to. It's just that I am VERY antisocial. This is the barrier of not knowing you. I also only see you occasionally but I'm still not sure if you know me. It is all my fault though. One day :)

aw inbox me on facebook? this is adorable :)

Would you ever consider going out with someone you don't really know?....

probably not, i would have to talk to them and get to know them first. Who is this? aha :)
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its cute how u r heaps tight and you r neighbours, that would be the best

its awesome but i havent seen her in ages :(


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