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Dear Greta,You have a cute face.If we were in a room together alone we would talk about ur amazing dress in your dp. Me and u should meet & talk.If you hugged me i would smile & surprise you with a hug.If u kissed me i would freak out bcause thats wierd,u are someone i havent met yet.i'd rate u 7.5

aww thankyou :) xx

tbh: dont really know you that well but you seem like a really nice person! your heaps pretty! i like your hair, i think your friends with Oya? aha should talk sometime :) x

raaahmelii’s Profile PhotoRahmeli
hahaha thankyou :) and yeah i am x

I will message you... I didnt want to look weirs coming off anon so I will message you if your not doing anything with them? Like are you throwing them out?

ahahaha not sure yet

If your gonna throw them away I will have them cause I dont like the new skirts... and yours will fit me

ahaha i dont even know who you are ?

GREAT! Oh sorry haha got it confused with GRETA! Tehe I'm so funny! I'll miss seeing you too! And your hair ;) ahaha and I'm not innocent ! :) xx

hahaha you are a bit :) xx


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