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Thoughts on me!!!! :) xox

where do i start! such a gorgeous girl! your such a nice person and i love your smile and your innocence! im going to miss seeing you twice a week :(

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why would I tell you who I am? Then there's no fun in making your friend sad.

thats pretty shitty. really you need to stop who even does this

would you care if your best friend killed herself? I know that I wouldn't.

of course i would! who is this i you dont mind me asking

why are you friends with Taylor Vallely?

because she is such an amazing human being and anyone who cant see that is stupid and blind. i love taylah to the moon and back and she makes me laugh and she is absolutely stunning! she is my best friend and i would not know where i would be today if i had never met taylah she is just amazing, i love her to death and we have some great memories together that will last a lifetime

Whoever told my Gretal Petal to kill herself, it does not matter how much you dislike someone NEVER EVER use that as an excuse to tell someone to kill themselves. You should feel ashamed! Nobody likes her? Well, fuck you! I like her. I love her, actually. Don't ever tell someone to kill themselves!

emmasahlstrom6’s Profile PhotoEmma Sahlström
AWW EMMA! this is like the sweetest thing ever! i love you so much


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