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I found you, the process is in motion now. I kinda want you to keep thinking it's a game now

Hmm, game or not its rather amusing to see things play out when I'm not even playing.

80% of the ocean has not been explored. There could be a Dollar General down there.

Hahahah you never know they spawn everywhere

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What was the last spiritual thing you've encountered? Example....line a closet door opening or maybe something randomly falling off the shelves things like that?

Being dragged by an enitiy.

I already said it before but I’ll say it again, you’re an evil person. Until you can talk to me in person and get off this app and stop hiding, do not expect anything

I guess being kind is the new evil. Lol but let's just hope you slip, I won't be surprised if everyone is just catfish nowadays.

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Do you ever feel vulnerable or alone and like nobody gives a damn about u? Well its true. Have a bad day

Not going to care, because why waste my time on someone who isn't going to waste there energy on me.

Do you think you will ever tell me the whole truth someday?

The truth is already there just gotta make since of it or at least have an understanding.

Is your dream wedding big or small?

Never dreamed about weddings i font really care for them i could care less.i honestly hate them, the idea of it.


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