The Quran formulated all the suras in new systems on the Arabs, neither poetry nor prose

محمد جمال (Mhammad Gamal)
Arabic is an imprecise language, and yes, this was written using poetic form. Both factors make it vague enough that disingenuous exegesis allows crazy people to pretend it marries up to reality.
+1 answer in: “The Qur'an referred to the big bang. The Qur’an said that the universe is expanding, Einstein believed that the universe is static and then retracted his view.”

Is Sadiq Khan guilty of hypocrisy, after lecturing Priti Petal & Boris Johnson on how language matters after they used terms like 'thuggery' & 'criminality' in regards to defacing of statues, only to then himself use the term 'extreme far right' to describe those who want to protect the statues? 😮

They didn't care about the statues, they were there for a ruck.

Do you agree with feminists who want people to stop using the term 'Karen' - meaning self entitled, demanding middle aged women, always kicking off at retail staff for perceived poor service, asking for the manager etc - as it amounts to a female slur, or do you think it's a justifiable stereotype?

I don't think they have any power over whether anyone does it.

Are you excited about the pubs re-opening on July 4th? 🍺👌 Also do you think it's great news for all the thirsty single women - and men - who after 3 months of being starved of physical affection are just gagging for a jolly good seeing too, courtesy of a good old casual sat night hook up? 👫➡️📭👊

I'm not excited, but COVID is.