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You've mentioned before in the past about moving to Scotland because of Brexit et al. Which city will you be moving to?

I don't know that I _can_ there's too many ties etc here and obligations. It also rather depends whether Scotland would go independent or not.

I'd be for moving to the Hebrides, Edinburgh or a smaller town/village somewhere.

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Favourite genre film of the 1980s?

Big Trouble in Little China.
There's a LOT of good films in that decade.

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How do you define “smart”?

The ability to remain rational and objective.

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Do you think dogs are really man's best friend?

If diamonds are a girl's best friend then wurtzite boron nitride is a man's best friend.

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What would be a perfect job for you?

Brothel quality control.

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Objectively, isn't circumcision more damaging than a tramp stamp? #InkOurGirls


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Where would you like to go on a trip (cities, mountains, sea, desert)?

The next room.

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How would you react if a man wearing lipstick kisses you on the face and he puts a big lipstick mark on your cheek? haha

Mute discomfort. I'm British.

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Seems like you've had a really lean couple of years. You gonna have to give it up and get a job in the "straight" world any time soon?

Things are starting to turn around again and a big part of the problem has been Gor looming over me not being done yet. So we'll see how things go. I've been diversifying what I do, 'gigging' and writing some stuff on the side under pen names and things. We'll see.

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Have you ever been in a long-distance relationship?

Almost exclusively.

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What would your survival strategy be in a real life zombie apocalypse scenario similar to that depicted in 'The Walking Dead', where in a lawless new age, both the dead & the living represent a threat??

Fortify the village before the city people (dead or alive) reach us.

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Has your father ever called you “donkey” or “ass”?

No, but then he has donkeys, so the distinction is important.

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Do you like and eat salami?


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Who was the last person that kissed you on the cheek?

Which cheek?



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Have you ever helped other people and got in trouble for that?

Happens all the time.

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How was this year for you so far?

Frenetic, panicked and grumpy.

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What was the last TV show you watched?

Sleepy Hollow.

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Do you go to pee during the night?

Only if I need to.

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How do you encourage or help people in need?

Encourage rational thought and pragmatism, give money if I can.

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Salted or sweet popcorn?

Caramel/toffee popcorn.

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Which dog breed do you resemble the most by appearance/character?

What do you think it feels like to travel through time?

We already are, just forwards and slowly. It's bloody exhausting.

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You'll still not paying attention. They stop immigrants coming in first, then they can get rid of those who are already there. "20% of the country is immigrants and that's a massive problem." You've really learnt fucking nothing, have you? Fucking nothing. Listen, pay attention.

You're getting way ahead of yourself chump and your paranoia indicates you've learned nothing.

'Immigration' isn't being stopped. Entry from those countries listed (a revised, smaller list) is, not immigration as a whole. Illegal immigration is not immigration as a whole These things are ineffective, dick moves, but you're spinning an out of control panic narrative.

Derp somewhere else Thickie Holden.

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Trump's Muslim ban is about population/demographic reshaping, not counterterrorism. If you HONESTLY think it's based on "political instability and danger, not xenophobia directed at financial and political allies" you're complicit or wilfully delusion and you've learnt nothing. Fucking nothing.

Its about PR mostly, doing what he said he'd do. However the selection process is primarily based - so it seems - on instability and relative danger (taken from a global PoV). This is, of course, moderated by US interests and Trump interests - which are valid points of attack. 'Xenophobia' as a claim when there are many Muslim majority countries unaffected and many other foreign countries unaffected is at LEAST inaccurate.

I appreciate you're a frothing fanatic with the political acumen of a fascistic louse, but do TRY and engage that minute ganglion you call a brain AND some basic ethical standards of truthfulness and accuracy. Thinking is SO important.

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What's your favorite board game?

Arkham Horror or Zombiecide.

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