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Which do you choose truth or dare?

"Truth is strong enough to overcome all human sophistries."
- Aeschines

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What's the best concert you've ever been to?

Either the Slayer gig where my friend's trousers were torn off in the mosh pit, the White Zombie gig where I accidentally tore a girl's dress off in the mosh pit, or the Tool gig where the singer judo-flipped a would-be stage diver and sat on him for the duration of a song.

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Scenario: You are employed by a medical research team to video research on a new type of serum. You film a successful underground experiment where a recently deceased dog is brought back to life! The team intend to go to the next level & do the same to a dead human :/ Do you alert the authorities??

Depends whether they are taking proper precautions or not.

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Have you ever been tempted to take part in a high stakes poker game? :o Do you have a good poker face??

I either play too analytically or too impulsively and nothing in between. It makes me terrible at the game.

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Love or wifi?

What's the difference? Everyone I love has the internet :P

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How are you enjoying the heatwave that's sweeping the UK at the moment? :p What have you been doing to make the most of?? :s

Daystar is evil. I have been hiding.

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What would be the title of your autobiography?

"I told you so."

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What is the meaning of the life in one word?


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What do you think is the greatest problem facing the teenagers of today?

The death of youth culture and the identity that goes with it. They all seem to have dissolved into loose mush with the diffusion of culture.

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Telepathy or telekinesis?

Charlotte Munro

Telepathy I reckon. TK can do a lot of cool stuff, but I'm nosy and I'd be popular with the 'mind control fantasy' set ;P

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What is the best way to fix a broken heart?

Copious amounts of anonymous athletic sex with morally flexible libertines.

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Would you raise your child the way your parents raised you?

I'd use yeast instead of baking powder.

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What was your first kiss like?

Kootie filled.

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What headphones do you use?

What does the life you want to live look like?

Poor but happy.

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How often do you go to a hairdresser?

What's a hairdresser?

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Do you still watch cartoons at all? :o If so which are your favourites??

Star, Phineas and Ferb, BBC Question Time...

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Are you a fan of crossbows or do you consider them to be a disadvantage because of the time they take to load in battle??

Easy to use, low training, powerful, I'm a fan. Especially that two-shot one in Ladyhawke.

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What did you dream about last night?

[Redacted] right in her [redacted]

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Do you think now Miley Cyrus has long hair again she looks & comes across as a more respectable young lady? Do you think her previous wild girl look & antics were all about 'Killing off' her Hannah Montana image & now that's been done she can tone things down a notch??

I doooo not caaaaare.

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What is your one major weakness?

Green Grimtonite.

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If a snail doesn't have a shell, is it homeless or naked?

Its a slug.

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Besides your country, which is the next best country in the world?

My country's pretty far down the list. So the next best would have to be pretty bad. Ireland?

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Harassment isn't well defined. So 'harassing photography' is opaque and abusable.
Ditto with 'intimidation'.
Disruption of panels, equally, spirited discussion or argument could be reinterpreted badly.
Offensive verbal comments, equally vague.
Not sure what 'bathroom policing' means.
'Inappropriate' in physical contact, undefined.
Categories seem also open and abusable.

Not as bad as some...

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What single piece of technology makes your life easier?


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