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what's a good meal bar you can buy for cheap

I've never seen any that weren't overpriced. there are other options for cheap nonperishables that require no preparation. that said I do like larabar and clif.
no idea why anyone would ask me this

I don't have any particular question. I'm here just to say that the following post speaks volumes to my own life --> http://grognor.livejournal.com/3609.html

most people just don't get it, and never will no matter how you explain it. partly because their livelihood depends on their not understanding it, and because of social pressure to not understand it. it's a tricky situation. I wrote that post to try to get people to understand, but it didn't help in that regard at all. if the post had any positive consequences whatsoever, it's revealing to people that they're really not the only one with this set of problems. everyone has it to some degree

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My instinct used to be to tease you for being so self-serious, but now I respect you and the hard path you walk. I'm sorry it sucks. I hope it sucks less soon.

wow I'm glad you said this here and not on the admonymous page, thus giving me implicit permission to publish it

How did you make it to California?

I drove, using the car that I now live in. It sure wouldn't make it back across the country in its current condition.

how realistically human would a robot have to be for you to fuck it

not even a little. in fact, in some ways, less realism is better

What makes you cry?

the love of my life, Connie, continues to be dead. nothing else has made me cry since her death

What would you name your first child?

I don't want to have children, because depression is heritable and I would never inflict it on someone. Even if I did want to, I am an antinatalist and would refuse to.
Otherwise, Jerry.

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