Ask @guanyinmiao:

it is quite fake & hypocritical that you pretend to be nice to Jeraldine Phneah on your blog & askfm but spread rumors abt her on twitter with Ng Yi Shu.. when i ask Jeraldine in NTU about you & him, all she said were kind comments... Ng Yishu is an attention seeker & just jealous she has more fans

Send me the links to these "rumours". If the tweets are / were out of line I can remove them.

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If a GE were to be held today, how many more seats will the Opposition win, you reckon? Will the Opposition even make further inroads into Parliament, or not?

Not in a position to predict, really, but can't argue to the contrary (think the two by-elections, especially the Punggol East one, has reflected this). The Opposition will definitely achieve greater gains in your hypothetical scenario.

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Do you think the Government has been getting it all wrong (in terms of their policies) these days?

All wrong would be a little of a stretch. But I would say that the Government is: a. finding it difficult to connect with the ground; b. struggling to address concerns that have been articulated.
I know you were expecting a Yes / No (probably). Maybe with a more specific reference / policy I would be able to do that.

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