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You are obsessed.

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have u seen yr WHATSAPP


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Stop posting ugly and embarazzballs photos of me


How to mun? Yes i am asking for strategies


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don't say i never tell you


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top 3 things you've learnt in JC/Secondary school

What I didn't do: hang on to friends, be more humble, learn and do math properly.
What I did do / learn: MUN, leadership, volunteerism / community service.

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Describe yourself in 10 words

Confident, arrogant.
Committed, pedantic.
Honest, tactless.
Thankful, insecure.
Conversationalist, introverted.

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What do you think of HHH?

Rabble-rouser / demagogue. Contributes little of value to discourse.

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i imagine you to be extremely good friends with this person: ...well, that or mortal enemies. either way it would be good fun for the public.

What is the most delicious berry?

Anything but the strawberry, which I'm allergic to.

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it is quite fake & hypocritical that you pretend to be nice to Jeraldine Phneah on your blog & askfm but spread rumors abt her on twitter with Ng Yi Shu.. when i ask Jeraldine in NTU about you & him, all she said were kind comments... Ng Yishu is an attention seeker & just jealous she has more fans

Send me the links to these "rumours". If the tweets are / were out of line I can remove them.

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How important is marriage to you?

Quite? I would love to have kids.

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What is your high score in Flappy Bird?

do u miss hwachong? do you feel strongly about being Chinese?

Chinese High, yes. College, not too much.

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i saw your post on jeraldine phneah. are u very close to her? what is she like?

Thought she did good work with CFC and the petition on dialects. The post was part of a feature of young people (in Singapore) whom I thought had interesting ambitions / were involved in meaningful endeavours:

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whoever likes this like 20 of there answers?

are you gay

No. (Like the previous question) My friends reckon I am asexual.

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why youre hair so swag

Thanks (*your).

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If you MUST choose between the Opposition parties, who would you choose (just imagine yourself voting, except that the PAP isn't one of the choices on the card). Assume that the only difference between the candidates is the party they belong to (i.e. all equally capable).

The WP.

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If a GE were to be held today, how many more seats will the Opposition win, you reckon? Will the Opposition even make further inroads into Parliament, or not?

Not in a position to predict, really, but can't argue to the contrary (think the two by-elections, especially the Punggol East one, has reflected this). The Opposition will definitely achieve greater gains in your hypothetical scenario.

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Do you think the Government has been getting it all wrong (in terms of their policies) these days?

All wrong would be a little of a stretch. But I would say that the Government is: a. finding it difficult to connect with the ground; b. struggling to address concerns that have been articulated.
I know you were expecting a Yes / No (probably). Maybe with a more specific reference / policy I would be able to do that.

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PAP or WP?


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what kinda girls do you like?

My friends reckon that I am asexual.

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