Ask @guanyinmiao:

Do you not think that the student population is, in all honesty, a pretty apathetic bunch and thus there really aren't that many "perspectives" to articulate? If you disagree, then do you not agree that the government (specifically, the PAP) will "punish" the Union if it begins to speak out at a nat

No (generalisation). Second one is trickier, because technically (correct me if I am wrong) the Union - at present - cannot do so. Hypothetically speaking, if it has the powers and mandate to, then why would it be "punished"?

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Do you see yourself writing professionally, or will it be something on the side?

Something on the side! I think I'm a pretty mediocre writer (too draggy, with no distinctive style - yet), so am taking little opportunities to write on different platforms, and to have editors / people look through my stuff. I penned a Rag / Flag commentary for The Ridge, and am writing for Breakfast Network.
Think reading is equally important. Don't do enough of this.

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