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🌸 here's a flower. Put some deep thought now.

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When i was little i thought love was about red roses and expensive dinners. Truth is,Love is giving her half of your fries when she said she wasn't hungry. It's waking up at 4 am to her snoring and refraining from shoving her off the bed. It's talking in accents just for shits,and trying to embarrass one another in public . It's going on adventures,and making fun of each other. It's stupid fights and memorable make ups. Love isn't pretty and romantic.. Love is just stumbling through life with your best friend ..


I don't know whether to live or die just standing infront of the mirror staring at my own scars that are deep enough. I feel them in my mind every night and when i close my eyes it all gets dark and heavy. I don't feel emotions anymore just random smiles, hugs and kisses that are fake. Time is supposed to heal then why every single drop of my blood shoots away echoing harder and harder to just burst out and live outside me. I don't know how they move on because i just keep on falling deeper and deeper in this dark soul of mine that has no end to it. Empty, tired, lost and dead..


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