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.. goal why are you even in a relationship. Omg it feels so good to know someone exists who thinks just like you. I'm almost 19 and you're 17. You're my little sister from now on. Even if you don't want to be. Idc😂 now let me get back to stalking you👀

Hahahah, aw youre so sweet and yeap its really great to find out that theres someone who thinks the same as me. Just never change even if someone asks you to. And focus on your goals rather than these low level guys. Yay Gulshi pt2 ❤️😘

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Are you seriously not in a relationship 😳 you're so pretty

Its not about being pretty or whatever. Its only about finding the right person which i havent. Most of the girls get along with someone just for the sake of being cool and all. But they always end up being alone, which i dont want to do. I can never get in a relationship with anyone unless and until i know he's the one i'm going to marry. Peace xx.

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"I hate this girl, pe shokhiyan marti hai" Bus basically like I said, she was being roasted 😂 nothing else. And when I teased a little, she was like 'kharab hai yeh tou' and that is when I stopped her and said not a single word about someone's daughter like this anymore. She was calmed then

Hahahah maar hi na loon shokhiyan. I dont even use it sahi sae. Aur agar karu tou motivational stuff post karti hun. :p

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