In the past I might have said some things or done some things that creeped you out. It went so far as you blocking me on Instagram and Twitter. I just want to say that I am sorry I made you feel uncomfortable. It was my own fault for not effectively communicating. Will you forgive me?

Well, there are a few things leading me towards no. First of all, I've blocked quite a few people on social media sites for being creepy, and since you've decided to ask this anonymously, I have no idea who or what I would really be forgiving.
Secondly, I don't just block people for being creepy once. It usually takes a TON of creep factor, multiple occasions of me being uncomfortable, and it usually revolves around me being hit on by someone who isn't getting that I'm not interested, and mistaking my levels of discomfort as "just being shy" so they try harder. That's when I have to block a person.
And thirdly, I gotta tell ya, buddy, that you assuming I'd automatically know who you are when you've chosen to make yourself anonymous is adding to the creep factor. It's making it seem as if you think this situation has stood out so much in my mind that there could only be one possible person asking me this. Added onto the fact that I haven't blocked anyone on those sites you mentioned in about a year, so these incidents must have happened long enough ago that you should have forgotten about me and my account.
I don't just forgive anyone who asks. Sorry, but I'm DEFINITELY going to need at least a name before I think about unblocking you anywhere.

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