I know according to your website you stated that you wouldn't do any nude modeling. However, in the case of film, provided that everything was done in good taste, would you take off your clothes for the camera? If so, how much would you be comfortable showing?

I'd like to clarify something first: I say that I don't do nude modeling on my Model Mayhem page, and that is a separate entity from my website. The only reason why I'm making sure to point this out first is because I have a theory about why I was asked this question that I will get to later.
Okay, now here's the thing, Anonymous - I always get creeped out when someone tries to act like they're asking a "professional" question, yet they insist on remaining anonymous. I mean, asking me this on my Ask.fm account in general is making me think that you're not some sort of photographer/casting director, but making a point of hiding your identity just sends up more red flags.
To answer your question, 99% no, I will not take my clothes off for the camera. The 1% is if I were in charge of the situation. And I mean COMPLETELY in charge, not just a collaboration. At this stage in my career (AKA not famous enough for legitimate contracts), I would need to have creative control as well as ownership over all images, video, etc. involved with the project. There is not enough trust in the world of non-professional modeling. Hell, there was one boudoir photo shoot that I did years ago (fully clothed) that got super creepy REAL fast, and I also never got to see the images, so I can only assume that they were sold to some porn site to use for online advertising or something. I'm never doing something like that again.
HERE IS MY THEORY: you, a photographer on Model Mayhem, found my profile on that site. You saw my bio stating that I did not under any circumstances want to do nude shoots with someone on that site, but you knew that a lot of people don't update their bios, so you decided to check my website, which is what led you here. Instead of reaching out in a professional, non-panic-inducing way, you were too afraid of me getting upset with you for asking a question I have already explicitly answered, SO you decided to be anonymous while still trying to get the information you wanted. You tried to sound as professional as possible, but the entire way you went about it is making my brain SCREAM the word No.
I do not care if you feel like this hypothetical project will be in good taste. I will not be taking my clothes off for any project that I am not in control of, and I especially won't be doing so for someone who won't even tell me who they are.

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