I am an actor like you. In response to your answer that you gave on here to the other person who asked you about getting undressed for the camera, let's say you have full control over everything..under what circumstances would you get undressed? Reason I ask is because I am doing a project myself.

Hm... Well, when it comes to myself being in control 100%, I'd either do it if it were for a purpose (the musical Spring Awakening comes to mind as a good example - they were showing the beauty & slight awkwardness of sexual exploration), if it were very artistically done (as in NO stereotypical horror movie nudity - the "whore" character getting naked and then immediately getting killed. Artsy-fartsy projects, please!), or, honestly, if it were funny - for EVERYONE (not just "Oh she's naked, haha boobs!" 12 year old boy humor. It's a hard one to figure out, but it can be done, I've seen it).
Basically, it goes like this for me: I would never pose for Playboy or something. Nothing AGAINST the women in that industry; they are beautiful, powerful women who own their bodies and do what they want. It's awesome, and they should get more respect than they do. It's just not for me, and there are some photographers/directors who are just starting and dealing with nudity out tend to cross my particular boundaries on that subject.
I would also never pose naked just because the script calls for a naked girl. Have you seen Wedding Crashers? There's a whole montage where the dudes pick up chicks at weddings, and then you see them later in hotel rooms with these girls and some of them are topless. Not only were some of the women they hooked up with wearing bras, so the toplessness wasn't needed for the story, BUT the men in question were 100% clothed. There was no purpose for this, and there was just a bit of "OH LOOK AT THOSE COOL GUYS HOOKING UP WITH BOOOOOBS" 12 year old boy humor. Not my scene.
But seeing as this scenario you've proposed calls for me being in complete control of a project, none of those bad things would happen, so I would absolutely get undressed because I would be handling it properly.

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