Look I don't mean to be rude but the reason I did not ask you on Instagram is because I didn't want to get blocked. It's a perfectly legitimate question to ask. It was not creepy or sexually suggestive. I have been a fan of yours for a while but you're starting to show that you're not that nice.

Okay buddy. There's several things wrong here.
1. You can't say that you went out of your way to find out how to ask me anonymously for fear of blocking, and then turn around and say that it was a legitimate question to ask. If you truly believed there was nothing inappropriate with your question, we would be having this discussing on Instagram, not Ask.fm
2. I'm starting to show that I'm not nice? BITCH WHEN HAVE I EVER BEEN NICE? For someone who says that they're a "fan", you're clearly new here. Not only have I made it clear on various Instagram captions that I don't give a singular shit about strangers who are creepy and inappropriate with me (and I often point out how stupid they are), but as someone who's found my Ask.fm, you must have also found my Facebook, which posts screenshots of the things I say to people like you.
So, you are either a stranger who knew you were being inappropriate, someone I know doing the same (which is worse), or someone I know who is purposefully trying to gaslight me or make me look like a bad person (SPOILER: EVERYONE ALREADY KNOWS THAT I AM A BAD PERSON).
No matter who you are, it all boils down to this: you had a question that you KNEW would get you in trouble (again, you said you would be blocked for asking it without anonymity. You knew. You. Knew. Don't play dumb.), you did some detective work to find a way to hide your identity (because again, you knew), and now you're upset that I'm irritated. But if you knew anything about me (after being a fan for "a while") you'd know that I don't like shit like this, and that I have every right to be a raving cunt about it. Nothing you can say about me or my personality will make me feel bad for calling you out on your nonsense. You're gonna have to try a LOT harder.
Oh, and P.S. Saying that someone isn't nice is clearly you purposefully trying to be rude. I don't even know who you are, but I can already tell that playing mind games isn't your strong suit.

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