Actually it wasn't pretty fucking clear. What if the dummy account was of someone you met and this person is afraid to be themselves because of the way you treated them? I know you're thinking "oh they should take a hint" but what if they saw past your alleged "narcissism"?

Yeah I pretty much figured that you're someone I know. And you knew your original question to me would get you in trouble, so you hid. And now you're upset that I'm obviously irritated. You SHOULD be afraid to reveal your identity at this point, because you have been a creepy sack of crap. And yes you should take a "hint" (is it really a "hint" if I've already told you to go away?), and stop trying to imply that you ~see the real me~ or whatever. I'm not going to be impressed by anyone who has to hide their identity in order to ask inappropriate questions. And since you've already stated that I'm "showing I'm not nice", maybe you can get over me and finally leave. Going through my account, I've seen your dummy page ask me questions from over a year ago. It's either time to reveal yourself, or time to go away. This is some stalker-level bullshit.

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