I see I got to you. Charmed! You know most girls would be flattered that they have a secret admirer. You don't have to respond to this post. I can see you obviously let things get to you for which I feel very sorry. I won't bother you anymore. You've punished yourself already.

1. You got me? Child you know nothing about me. You've made that much very clear.
2. Oh, classic nice guy syndrome. Girls in stories like secret admirers - girls in real life don't like creepy stalkers who have been openly objectifying, insulting, and just flat out bothering them
3. You don't want a response, you shouldn't have sent another thing. But please continue to act as if you're leaving because YOU want to, not because I've told you to fuck off a dozen times.
4. Thanks for admitting you're bothering me!! Feels great to be an adult, doesn't it?
5. I've punished myself how? By telling some creepy fuck boy to leave me alone? Oh yeah WOW suuuuuch a punishment. Again, you are bad at mind games. Stop trying.

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