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Hey Genny, what's your view on having sex on the first date? Do you think that it's okay? What do you/would you do personally? Just curious because the myth is that you're supposed to wait.

Okay, you're about to go on a feminist journey here, so fasten your seat belt.
First of all, I am not going to answer the "What do you/would you do personally?" question, because that is hella fucking personal AND extremely hard to answer in the first place, because it seems to imply that either I sleep with everyone on the first date or I don't, no in between. People aren't like that. What I do personally not only changes from person to person, but it is also not your business.
Women are not an Either/Or situation. Sure, there are some women who have sex on the first date every time, and then there are women who never do. But the majority of women will say that it alternates based on how they are feeling about the person in question, what their history is with them, what their personal lives are like, etc. The Madonna vs. The Whore does not exist. We are simultaneously neither and both.
That being said, if someone wants to have sex on the first date, that is 100% okay, because this is 2015 and sex is up to each personal individual. The only times wanting sex on the first on the first date is NOT okay is if you either pressure/force the other person, or if you make them feel bad for saying no. But if you're both on board, then go for it.
I understand the "myth" that you're supposed to wait, and I think it's situations like this that make life so hard for people - mostly women - in America. Women are supposed to be sexually desirable (to the point where strangers think that it's okay to anonymously ask them about their sex lives on the internet), yet they are still supposed to wait and remain some version of "pure."

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Not to sound like a pervert, but what are your opinions on the topic of sex?

Alright, first of all: if you start any sentence with "Not to sound like a _____, but..." it's going to come across badly. Like, "Not to sound like a racist, but all the Mexicans need to stop taking jobs from Americans." See? Sounds SUPER racist.
But in short, I feel like sex is up to the individual. If they want to have sex with people before marriage, fine. They wanna have sex with the same gender (or both), fine. They wanna wait, fine. Just don't judge my life, and I won't judge yours. But that's pretty much how I feel about most things in live.

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