Ask @gyosco:

Do you think you could make a guy kiss your feet?

Like, literally? Yeah, I could just go on the internet and find a guy with a foot fetish. Wouldn't be that difficult.
Or do you mean in the "worship me and do anything I say" kind? Here's the thing: I think that I could, because again, internet, but I wouldn't want a relationship like that. I want a partner. A team mate. And equal but fair relationship. I don't want to be worshiped like a deity, because I'm NOT, I'm a person.

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What is your favorite flower?

HMMMM. Well, I love calla lilies.
But I really love any sort of flowers, so long as they aren't generic red roses. I mean, if there's any sort of meaning behind the red roses other than, "it's common practice to give girls red roses," I'm fine. Just don't give me red roses for the sake of them being red roses. I'd rather have dandelions pulled from your front yard than have meaningless red roses.

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Back to the relationship question - who is the WORST boyfriend you ever had?

Haha! Alrighty, I'm not going to name names, but that was title DEFINITELY goes to a high school boyfriend. He cheated, he lied all the time, he was emotionally abusive, he was super pretentious and vain, and he always liked to throw temper tantrums.
Essentially, he was a child, and I deserved so much better. I've learned that now, and I am much MUCH happier now that i have a proper sense of self-worth.

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Best S.O. you've had? And did they go to MHS.

Oh my! Well, this is clearly someone I know personally, but not very well, haha.
I wouldn't count any of the "real" boyfriends I had in high school to be the best. No high school relationship can compare to real-life, full-grown, adult-world relationships. So, nothing personal to my ex-boyfriends from high school, but I'm sure you can agree that being in adult relationship is better than anything you had in high school.
Unless you're still with someone you dated in high school, in which case, mazel tov!

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You been working on any cool projects lately?

Too many! I worked at Chic Studios today, which is always fun. I'm doing 4 days on The Knick (fitted for a lovely corset and everything!), 3 of which are in March. I'm doing a body-painting-modeling thingy at Chic Studios on Tuesday.
I'm basically just biding my time until I find out whether or not any of the plays I submitted to festivals got in or not, haha.

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