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Ladies, would you ask a man to marry you??

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It's like I mention in my (not yet published book #FeelLikeALadyDealLikeAMan-I will post the link to the chapter in this thread later).
What 'nutures' a man and what a man's "nature" is, is 2 different animals. (I go into detail in that chapter/💎Gem 19).
But it's like this: Men are "waiting to exhale" too. And when a man takes a major step to ASK a woman for HER hand in marriage: He decided (an exhaled) HE decided SHE was HIS choice of every other woman and that HE wants HER to belong to HIM.
When a woman is proposed to (and they date is set) she is on a complete emotional yet exciting and excited Rollercoaster ride in planning and perfecting.
That SAME emotion and thought processes etc. is alllll wrapped up into his "will you marry me
Ladies would you ask a man to marry you

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