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The truth is,
Everyone wants to be the victim.
No one wants to be mistaken.
Everyone on social media,
Is sharing that their problem is that they’re too kind,
Too flexible,
Too nice.
No one speaks about how rude they can be sometimes,
Or how inconsiderate we can get.
Everyone speaks of the friend who didn’t live up to their expectations,
Or the relationship that destroyed them,
But no one speaks of how many times they disappointed the ones who loved them,
Abandoned them,
Chose themselves over and over.
We’re all a lot more self-centered than we claim to be,
And we’re blind to our mirrors.
Everyone finds it easier to throw blames everywhere,
Instead of coming to terms with the fact,
That sometimes,
They’re horrible too
- Alya omran

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Pharmacy ka tou merit hi itna high h. Medical mn aftr mbbs , bds / dvm k pharmacy hi ha You can go in field, pharmacy mn job, in retail, hospitals job, pharmaceutical companies mn jobs , lecturer ship or apnay setup pr b invest kr skta ha. As a drug inspector , clinical whole sale. Much better dpt

But having said that hospital me sifarish chalti ha or baki me finance chaiye...
So honestly Pakistan me maybe Itna scope ho na ho Bahar to ha bht...
But hoping against hope
There's always room at the top of everything.... if ur hard work can make you reach that ,u have everything

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