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If you had enough money that you never needed to work again, what would you do with your time?

I'd walk, cycle & go on the train, visiting interesting places & blog about them!
I'd also do much more of my voluntary work, planting trees.
After a year or so of this I'd go back to university and do an ma and possibly a PhD afterwards, climbing mountains in the summer.
So you see, I'd be working all the time, but towards a useful goal rather than scratting around to put bread on the table.

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Fun to hear that you were picking up litter in the park for exercise. Is this something that you do regularly?

Stephen Ind
Yes, I go to the park 10 times a week and go further afield at weekends :)
I have a litter picking device and walk round with a bag (I often find the bags on the floor!) loading litter and putting it in the public bins, which the litterbugs have obviously failed to notice.
Then I throw the bag away, also in the public bin, & wash my hands.
I'd rather not have to do it but the yobs continue to strew their filth on the ground and the council continue to fail to clear it!

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+1 answer in: “What is the worst advice you have ever been given? Qual é o pior conselho que já te deram?” What do you think about this?

If the 'libertarians' and 'classical liberals' want to put their own lives at risk, they can do so by shooting themselves in the head.
They are not entitled to risk the lives of others, or prevent them getting the healthcare all citizens of a civilised country are entitled to.

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Do you prefer using cash or card?

Welcome to my site, good question :)
I have debit & credit cards but use cash whenever I can as I feel that, having earned my wages and paid tax, I am entitled to spend that money on anything which isn't illegal.
I do not want corporations, banks or the state monitoring what I spend. If the police think I am buying illegal things they can try to prove it, I don't have to prove myself to them.
Cards are useful but we use them, rather than them using us. I think shops should be banned from being card-only as while I support the CHOICE of using a card, it should be a CHOICE.
My suspicion of cashless was consolidated by this report from China, where the Communist Party is heavily 'encouraging' people to go cashless so as to monitor them. I hope our authorities aren't so bad, but I still want my privacy!

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What is the worst advice you have ever been given? Qual é o pior conselho que já te deram?

Just yesterday, someone angrily demanded that I stop picking up litter (with a mechanical device; I never touch it with my hands) and depositing it in bins, because I might spread covid-19 by doing so!?
He said my actions were against the law and I pointed out that this is a load of old shit, that I know more about the law than he does, and that several council workers were in the park, none of whom had complained about my activities.
If I had listened to this man (something probably went wrong in his life; it has nothing to do with me) I would leave this filth on the ground.
He also said I should be at home, even though (as I reminded him) he was obviously not at home himself. When he 'explained' that he was exercising, I asked what he thought I was doing in the park in the first place!
Then I walked off and left him talking to himself.
So much truly awful advice given, and my life would be like his if I followed it.

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