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What will change in every day routine if democracy replaces democratic monarchy in the UK ?

I think it would be a mistake. America is a republic yet has worse poverty and inequality than Britain with less social mobility.
I don’t think lords and ladies are the problem, I think turbocapitalism and Brexit are the problem. We can have Charles (who has done excellent work near where I live, btw, at Middleport Pottery) and abolish the worst of our problems. Or we might do away with Charles and find that the real problem gets worse, as in America?
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Happy December, do you have any plans this month?

Shannon678900’s Profile PhotoShannon
Hoping to cycle tomorrow (though it might be too cold) and going here.
Next weekend, doing my voluntary work and meeting my girlfriend.
The week after that, a film festival in Liverpool about mountaineering; probably alone because the friend I was going with had to cancel, but it will still be good having the whole day to do cultural things and then the filmfest.
After that I might do nothing the weekend, or try to cycle, if weather allows.
Also work and at least 2 house cleans, but who wants to hear about that!

Contract or pay as you go? Which are you?

paulapiranhaxoxo’s Profile Photopaulapiranhaxoxo
Contract! I had too many bad experiences with running out of calls/texts in the early noughties and having to wait until I could buy £5 of phone the next day.
Although things like contracts and apps have their downsides, and the old ways still have a place (I do something like half my spending in cash as it helps budgeting, and buy CDs/DVDs because they’re cheaper than streaming for some artists) we are lucky enough to have a choice nowadays.

What’s the most common misconception people have about you?

A happy one!
Most people who meet me think I’m 5-10 years younger than I actually am, because I’m fit and healthy enough to have youthful looks, if not good ones 😂
The odd thing is, people online who’ve read my posts but not met me sometimes assume I’m a lot older than I am. Which I hope is because I’m a weighty and grave commentator, rather than because I’m boring!

What’s a conspiracy theory that you believe in?

The Kremlin did indeed interfere in western politics to make sure Trump, Brexit, and all the ‘nationalists’ across Europe (who are in fact Putin’s playthings) would be elected.
I don’t believe the WEF are using chemtrails to make us all gay, or that vaccines are part of a one-world dictatorship of Bill Gates, but I do think a conspiracy is happening, and most conspiracy theorists are part of it, since they’re also doing the KGB’s work but are too dumb to understand it.

Do you think that you can find easily a job of you want ?

No, I was unemployed when young and finding a job is very hard. Thankfully I have one. But if someone wants to work (as 99% of the unemployed do), and can’t dpfind one, I am for them, and against that revolting man Jeremy Hunt.

Are there any films, shows, books or games you think are underrated and don't get the credit they deserve?

DovahMonah’s Profile PhotoDovahMonah
I don’t know what is and isn’t fashionable 😂 so I’m not sure what is underrated/overrated but I know what I like and I was outraged when my colleague who is 23 had never heard of Pulp and didn’t even like them when another colleague (who is 42) played them at work.
This older colleague and I (I’m 38) shook our heads at the youth of today.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kpdcSgqIsVc&pp=ygUKcHVscCB3ZWVkcw%3D%3DHadacol’s Video 173621215740 kpdcSgqIsVcHadacol’s Video 173621215740 kpdcSgqIsVc
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