Ask @hadia_umer:

My elder sister is gynecologist in CMH Rawalpindi, she knows how to respect others, foreign qualified professional. She never abused anyone and knows how to interact with other men or women. but you seem unprofessional and blame men for every actions. Society is not responsible for your nurturing.

You know I’m wandering now that you belong to educated family phr soch itni choti Kyun hai.
P.S whatever you’ve said about me only I and Allah knows what’s the truth and you’re blaming me even though you have your own sisters I mean woah! and and and I don’t blame men for every action.

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+1 answer in: “ask, snapchat or insta per koshish kr lo. Guaranteed koii bhe nhe milne wala, jo tumhari wishes poray kray. sari umer single or time pass hi kerti raho ghe. oR sub tum ko timepass milaei ghay: umer ki trah. comsats mein tum nei bhot time pass kiya ab hmare samne Momina syed ban bathi ho.”