Ask @hadiasaif:

What is/was your nickname at school?

Well I remember when I was little younger I used to poke my nose in every matter like it was my duty to speak in every matter and on every little thing , so my classmates used to call me "input device" ! I still smile when I remember those days, I kind of deserved that nickname!
So don't be a nag, everything doesn't need your input, sometimes let the things be!

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are you going to convert to signal, telegram from whatsapp,due to new policies?

My friends were also debating on this topic, I just told them one thing that "We are not some hoor pariyan from a fairy land that international company will like to invade your privacy or like to read your chats or want to steal your pictures just use the whatsapp as you normally do" 😂

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Webtoons suggestion?

I actually don't like webtoons because they are just a cheap form of Manga and they are so typical and cliché like the girl is poor and boy is the rich Arrogant CEO, the girl has a tragic past like her parents have thrown her out of their house and out of nowhere she gives the interview in the ML company for a job and she gets selected because she catches the ML attention in thousands of girls, then he will approach, and she will resist but at one point she will find him cute and then they are a couple .. Like what kind of world is this😂
Still I can suggest you one that is not a cliché that is "Summer never ends" this webtoon is too sweet and cute!

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