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What is the secret to a happy life? ?®

sheikhh77’s Profile PhotoQasim
1:-Wake up early in the morning.
2:-Take at least 7–8 hours of sleep.
3:-Eat healthy and nutritious food.Mind your own business.
4:-Have a sense of respect for them who are better than you.
5:-Follow your passion.Stay away from addictions.
6:-Always have a positive mindset.
7:-Always be optimistic; it can turn impossible to possible.
8:-Don’t overdepend on others.
9:-Take calculated risks.
10:-Be honest to yourself.
11:-Take the advice of parents as blessings.
12:-Keep your thoughts free from malice.
13:-Avoid ego in friendships.
14:-Learn from your mistakes and then move on.
15:-Always step ahead in life.
16:-Have control on your emotions.
17:-Don’t run behind the money excessively because after a certain period of time it will of no value to you.
18:-Take failures as a opportunity to improve yourself.
19:-Limit your online presence to a minimum extent.
20:-Answer your critics with a smile.
21:-Don’t blame others for your mistakes.
22:-Express gratitude.
23:-Be calm and composed in tough situations as calmness is the cradle of power.
24:-Never compare yourself with others; every individual has something unique to offer.
25:-Stretch your limits.
26:-Be consistent in your routine.
27:-Ignore negative thoughts.
28:-Be passionate towards your profession.
29:-Be in a company of like-minded people.
30:-Have a financial backup.
31:-Prayer, Praise and worship.
32:-Don’t let your deeds to be cause of suffering for others.
33:-Don’t be overawed by any achievement.
34:-Work constantly to achieve more.
35:-Have a purpose in life.
36:-At last, Never Give Up.

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One night you were upstairs then suddenly your mom called you from the kitchen. As you ran down the stairs, a shout from your mom at her bedroom upstairs said: "don't go down to the kitchen, I heard it too". Which one would you believe? Staif

Shit, I wouldn't believe either one of them and just run out of the house and rethink everything

Imagine this.. You're reading a book and you realize it's the story of your life. You come to the middle of the book, to the things that are happening to you now. Do you continue reading knowing that whatever happens you can't change anything, or do you stop reading?

Well that's a really spooky and interesting question like would I want to know what's gonna happen next in my life and just accept my fate as it is even tho it wasn't the way i imagined it? No thank you I'm good

Hahaha loll.. when I do that, I literally forget about everyone else around me, so if I say smthg or laugh at myself, people give me these weird looks, and sometimes it's really embarrassing, but sometimes I just give them back my death glare and continue talking to myself 😂😂

Hahaha sometimes i forget too and ikkk about the weird looks also the way u deal with the weird looks 💯💯😂
+5 answers in: “How childish are you?☻”

When you talk to yourself when you're walking alone, do people look at you in a weird way, thinking who tf you're talking to?? And do you sometimes laugh at something you said to yourself?? 😂

I talk to myself when im kinda sure that no one will see me but if anybody does i have my headphones on and i pretend that im on a call so yeah😂😂 and yeah obv laughing at myself🙄😂
+5 answers in: “How childish are you?☻”


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