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What can people learn from animals?

We can learn civilization from animals. ( And we've learnt, like Sons of Adam علیہ السّلام learned how to bury from a Crow )
Different animals symbolise different characteristics.. For instance, Elephants have excellent family systems, wolfs are best leaders, Monkeys are vibrant fellows, Ants tell us how to manage and Honeybees depicts division of labor. Cheetahs teach us arrogance, Lions can guide rulers and Penguins teach us to follow rules even when nobody is watching.... (A long list...)

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Flow can take you to a waterfall and throw you down to drown 😬😂

حسن ناٹ فاؤنڈ
Actually I've strong faith in following Hadith:
ترجمہ: بےشک اعمال کا دارومدار نیتوں پر ہے اور بےشک ہر شخص کے لیے وہی ہے جو وہ نیت کرے۔
So why don't I think that flow will lead me to a beautiful island۔۔ 🏝️

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