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ضع أصابع يدك على رقبتِك و تحسّس حبل وريدك لتعجَب من قربهُ منك ؛ ثُم تأمّل قولهُ سبحانهُ : " و نحنُ أقربُ إليه من حبل الوريد " 💚 #جمعة مباركة 😍 😍 صباح الخير ❤️ ❤️

Bara'a abd

How many of you believe that Askfm is losing it’s charm?

Ask a fresh 9th grader who is trying to find askfm id of his or her crush. Its just that we have grown too old for this, we lost it through attrition. Satisfsction is the destroyer of desire. Its just that we got to much satisfaction over the years using ask and it has been eating away desire.

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Isme tera ghata mera kuch nhe jta 😘😘😍😍 pent utaar gay lgty hai 😁😂

Yeh 2nd dp wala Banda tumharay asshole ka rape kar dey ga. lagta hai shakal aur dil dono sey kalay or badsoorat ho, isliye har Safaid banday to gay kehtay ho. You must be a sleazy lowly whore, who should lick my balls and feel 16 inch biceps. I can neck your neck you little turd .

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If an alien offered you a ride in his UFO to his planet, would you go?

I would wait until he has to use the washroom. And when he is in washroom, I will steal his UFO behind his back. Then do all sorts of stuff in ufo. And finally go local night street racing, and finally win the car from opponent.

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