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What qualities do you most admire in the opposite gender?

-not a lying tool
-doesnt treat you like shit around his friends
-muscles are always a bonus
-cant be cocky
-genuinely cares about your problems
-likes you for you. Not for sexual purposes
- a person you can text everyday and still have things to talk about is always good.

Hailey solberg, I'm pretty sure every guy in the world has a crush on you. Hahah! I like your hair. I work with your mother occasionally, she cool.

Haaa very funny. Thank you! You're cool.

Tbh I have a crush on you. Haha kidding but yeah you're pretty great. I can't even put it into words. And you gotta big D so what can I say. I'm attracted to that.

mamatay7700’s Profile PhotoTaylor young
What can i say, imma chick magnet. Love you Tay ❤️


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