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How do you uninstall anxiety?💯

By cherishing & realising all the Good time one spends either it’s the present or its the past. Even if someone has done wrong to you and they’re not in your Life now, you can still cherish the moment which you had with them. Time changes people but still you can take out the good from the memories you’ve with them. Anxiety and depression comes when you give up on life. The only escape from these things is to realise the good time and the good life you’re living, whenever you’re having a good time just wake yourself up and start realising that there was a time when you were caged in your mind and now you’re free, just focus on the NOW, whatever good is happening at the moment because realising the good time will make it hard to forget and the mind will keep that on the top. Anxiety and depression are most likely to happen and stay because we easily forget the good time and the fun we have whenever we’re low. At that state we’re just thinking about all the bad in our life so that needs to be cut down with the good memories. By cherishing the life and understanding that time changes, it gets easy to understand that good and bad times both are temporary, if you’re under any depression today then tomorrow it won’t be there. You gotta remember the bad time when you’re having a good one so that you can see that the bad time has gone and now it’s the Good time to cherish it, live in it before next depression strikes. ✨

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all the colors represent the magical effect of your presence on dull and dark like me. Special treatment for the special SAM. you're an amazing person and one of a kind wish you all the happiness of this world and hereafter. you're my main panda and i love you. hope you're partying hard niggah <3

Zainab Hamid
Thaankss Nigguu 🌟🌟🌟 you always surprise me with your wishes. Your exams were going on but you still made that beautiful piece of ART ❤️ and I cannot even Thank you properly, words aren’t enough to describe the type of person you’re. You’re the best listener and best panda 🐼💯 you always slay, I’m proud of you 🔥

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Happy Birthday Saim Shaikh❤ Stay Blessed💕 TBH i like everything that you write or draw. You write about the most realist thing & i love to read them❤ Those pictures that you click💕Pretty good photographer you are❤ Never stop and stay the same❤ lastly i'd like to say sorry if i ever hurted you .

Thanks a lot Ashi 🌟 for the wish and also for all of that appreciation 🌹 You’re a nice human 🌎 stay blessed

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