Ask @haimshaikh:

One thing you love about yourself?

I love to learn new stuff, few years back I was just a sketch person but I didn’t stopped there, I got into paintings and then photography and then poetry too & now I’m doing filmmaking and learning that too. On the other hand I like to read a lot of inspirational work of great artists which helps me to understand and get nearer to actual meaning of life basically towards Spirituality. 🌹

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What are some of the dark lessons that life showed you? 💯

Roha Ahmad
There was a dark phase in my life when I was completely lost, everything was black & white, I had totally lost all of my colours. I was falling apart and I couldn’t find the reason behind my behaviour. I was deep down into depression or maybe sadness idk exactly what it was but that phase gave me a gift, a gift of writing ✍🏼 afterwards I started writing about the pain I felt, the sadness, the loss and apart from that I wrote a lot of philosophies about life, time & love which were very liked by people here on ask & I got lots of appreciation for it.

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