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Would you rather go to a music festival, have fun and sleep in a tent, or stay home, watch TV series and have some tasty snacks?

I would rather go to a music festival without music, sleep in a tent without having fun, and stay home and have some awful tasting snacks.

What would be the most useless superpower?

Being able to come up with the most pointless ask.fm questions of the day

What kind of movies do you most enjoy?

Movies that feature a well respected actor telling me that he and I are going to have a wing-ding-doodle tonight.

What address will you remember forever?

None, because at some point, I'll be DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDD, which will prevent me from remembering any address.

What should sheep count when they go to sleep?

The number of bad ask.fm questions of the day that have ever been asked.

What one piece of advice would you give to your younger self?

Do the thing. You know, that thing. It will help you. Do it. The thing. Do the thing.

Tinman got a heart, Scarecrow got a brain, Lion got courage...what do you get?

A bad ask.fm question of the day.


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