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Do you like to swim ?🙏🏻 :)


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Book of the day!

Paper Town

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First impression of this girl? 👸🏾💎😏😍

Queen Fanpage

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What's a silly thing that used to scare you as a kid?

Watch scary movies

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Whats the most valuable complement?

sam sami
Trust & live & love & laugh & friends & family & fans

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What are the three steps in putting an elephant in a refrigerator?

sam sami

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If you saw me on the TV show the Undateables would you laugh?

What that stupid? Haha

View more This happened in my area, basically 70 blacks came to my area and started causing trouble, so they rounded up all the whites and they defended the area, what's your opinion?

If you don't like someone but they keep trying to force there feelings on you because they think you will like them later on. what would you do?

brittany martinez
I try that once, but didn't work that way. One thing learn from it and but let whoever person be happy but your put your feeling side.

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You're at your best . . . . . please , please don't get any thinner , love you , don't want to lose you x x x


Are you a good bro/sis?


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