Ask @hamda_m377:

Why do you love your best friend so much?😍™

Syed Mustansar
I can write a book on this and still won't be able to tell what my bestie means to me ✨🌸
Well my bestie is the one who actually knows me my mood swings, my inner me, my faking game, my emotional breakdown level, my punga mood, the khurafati HAMDA well that person is my
*human kind of personal diary*
No matter how much I irritate, how much I annoy or show attitude,
*I'm xx100 moody*😅😷🙊
that person has always been there through the most thinnest to think parts of my life. 💯🌈
I'm so much blessed to have you, he is an angle in my life ✔💯🌸
💫《Osama Sheikh》💫

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