Ask @hamza_714:

Emma Watson or Kristen Stewart?

Emma for life!!!!! Since the harry potter & sorcerer's stone's hogwarts train entry till forever..little hermoine just perfectionist 😊❤

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Hey Whats up ?

zindagi jhand ha papers ne baja k rakh di ha life ne baja k rakh di ha acca ne baja k rakh di ha love life ne baja k rakh di ha ....
bs alhamdulillah baki sb first class apni sunao 😳

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Hobbies ?

Recitation (know they both dont go along but...😟).
Free running.
It worm.
Gaming (but given it up now:/).
Studying (as in professional studies, my srudies to be specific).
Thats it i guess 😊

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You find a hair in your dish in a cafe - what do you do?

Abay maa ka bhosra hatao ise ye kya daal diya ha dish mai nagarpalika ko bulao madarchoooooo 😐

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What is meant by this phase "liker gets" I've no idea please someone please tell me

Wo bhikari jo likes ki bheek mangte ha.....
Beshak answers me bongiyaan bhi maari ho
no offence tho.

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If you could ask one person one questions and get a completely honest answer who would it be and what would you ask?

Mujhe kyun nikaala? 😳

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